Falafel salad packed lunch.

Falafel salad with sweet chili jam dressing and crunchy greens. Good for a vitamin kick during these bitterly cold winter days!

Another lunchy thing

Salmon. Spuds. Spinach. Mustard dressing. Dill. Beetroot. Delicate, russo-scandinavian flavours. A way to extend the holidays.

Some recent packed lunches

Healthy pick me ups for long work days.

Feeling Swedish with cheese and cucumber on rye and a frothy coffee

And Spicy with a cumin and lemon- packed lentil soup

Packed Lunch today…

A mushy mackerel salad with lots of lemon and crunchy veg.

Packed Lunch today…

Halloumi, olives, cucumber, avocado, parsley and lashings of lemon. Zesty!