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Dear faithful readers or unassuming stumblers whomever you may be (inexplicably, I seem to have a lot of you in Russia), 

There are changes afoot.

In this blog, I have always kept anything too personal at arms length for fear of revealing something that would identify me too much.  I figure if I embarrass myself with my writing, recipes and photographs, at least the world at large won’t actually know who I am anyway, so it doesn’t matter.  And so far this policy has served me rather well.

Until now.

Because I seem to have backed myself into a corner with all of this cooking malarkey.  It started off with a bit of blogging here and there and then grew to blogging a lot more.  Then there was the odd bit of writing for a few magazines and then some food styling.  Then a lot more food styling and working part time as a chef at a local gastropub (jacking in my art world career along the way).

So, I’ve reached a point where I can now freely admit that this is something I am taking seriously now and that this in turn means biting the bullet.  The proverbial bullet in this case being enrolling at culinary school.  Which I have done.

All this may make it seem like it was a relatively straightforward and coherent decision.  It most certainly was not.  It was agony and I’m not exaggerating when I say it involved blood, sweat and tears, not to mention arms full of burns and scorch marks.   There was also support by the bucketfull from my boyfriend, Toby, patient friends (who have kindly indulged my culinary experiments… esp. when it meant free cake) and all of the people I have met over the (in)decisive months leading up to my start at Leiths School of Food and Wine in January. 
As the course will inevitably have to feature here to some extent, I think it is only fair that I reveal a bit more about myself, if only for context.  Particularly as I’m not entirely sure I’ll have time to cook anything outside of classroom!  This more personal tone has been extended to an updated profile and a pic of me picking some apples in Toby’s parent’s garden- see the ‘About Me’ section on the left. 

There will also be some recipes coming up from Leiths in the next couple of weeks as I’ve been working work through all of the things I need to know before I start, which was especially necessary as I was arrogant enough to skip over the first term.

So as I dive head first into what feels like a big, fat, risky leap of faith, I ask you to have patience, cross your fingers and wish me luck.  Here goes and (esp. appropriate given the amount of wine tasting I’ll be doing), bottoms up!  


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    Even if it’s not completely the matter here, I love the photo ! They’re always great but this one is just amazing !

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