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Apples | 26/10/2012 | By

We have more apples than we know what to do with.  First, there was my over enthusiastic purchase of a dozen or so beauties from the local deli- a variety I had never heard of from some far flung orchard in Dorset.  Then there was the wonderful tree that just kept giving in Toby’s family’s garden in Wimbledon.  We were initially given some when Toby’s parents ventured to the East End for dinner, before  picking as many as we could carry back on the tube on a recent visit ‘down south’ (we jokingly refer to these stays as our country retreat).  

The question then, of course, becomes what to do with such a glut.  I made a pot roast with chicken, cider, cream, chives and parsley (would have used tarragon but didn’t have any to hand, anyway, I like the way the chives cut through the sweetness of the apples).   Then, of course, I had to make a pie especially after scoring some ready-rolled shortcrust pastry from a recent shoot I worked on.  I’ve never done lattice and thought I should give it a go.  Before constructing the pie, I sliced the apples as thinly as I could bear, mixed with plenty of sugar, nutmeg and fresh rosemary.  The herb was actually very subtle but made for something a little bit different.  I recommend it served with the obligatory scoop of vanilla ice cream.  

You may also notice some new props in my photos.  These come from an early-morning car boot sale adventure with some friends where, magpie-like, I amassed a whole new repertoire of loot.  Behold below.  I’m rather pleased with myself.


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