Tea Time- banana bread without the flour

I’m continuing on with my adventures in flourless baking.   And seeing as I frequently seem to have a couple of bananas in my fruit bowl quietly going brown and mushy, perfecting a recipe for a flourless banana bread seemed not only obvious, but imperative.  Not in the grand scheme of things, but, you know, on a micro-level.

I feel like I’ve really nailed it with this recipe.  It has that light bready texture without the density normally associate with flourless or gluten-free baking, despite the addition of pulpy banana.

To make the cake completely gluten-free, you could of course use gluten-free oats.  This recipe is also relatively low in sugar, as I find that the over-ripe bananas lend more than enough sweetness for my palate.   You may, however, prefer to make your loaf a bit sweeter by adding an extra 100g or so of caster or brown sugar (which would give the bread a more caramel flavour). 

Flourless Banana Bread

You will need:

4 over-ripe bananas – mashed
3 eggs
100ml oil
120g casterl sugar
350g gluten free self-raising flour
100g oats
2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp gluten-free baking powder
2 tsp zantham gum 


1. Place all ingredients except water in a large mixing bowl.

2. Mix everything together until well incorporated.  If batter seems too stiff, add a bit of water by the tablespoonfull. 

3. Pour into greased loaf tin (a 2lb or  22cm long by 11cm wide by 6.5 high loaf tin and bake at 180 degrees until brown and ‘springy’ when the top is pushed gently – about 30 minutes.  Keep an eye on it and cover with tinfoil if getting too brown.
4. Allow to cool slightly before removing from the tin.  You could now leave the loaf to cool down completely, however, it is pretty fantastic whilst still a bit warm, spread with butter. 


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