Fishy Business

My grandmother makes the most amazing fish soup.  I grew up with it as a regular highlight in her repertoire of homely comfort food.  Traditional Swedish dishes are often quite heavy (I seem to always gain a few pounds whenever I stay with my Mormor for a few days), but this soup is light, even despite the addition of cream.  I suppose you could always substitute it for creme fraiche if you want to make it healthier.  It also has the added addition of a dash of curry powder, which might sound strange, but because it is so scant,   adds the merest hint of fiery backbone.  All in all, it’s actually quite a mild soup, with delicate flavours.
I hereby pass the recipe on to you, in the hope that it might provide you with as much joy as it has given me.  You don’t have to include the mussels, if the thought is just a bit too much.  It was for Toby, who hates fish, but bravely tried a bit of this. 
Mormor’s Fish and Seafood Soup
You will need:

About 400g frozen fish fillet (cod, haddock, plaice)
2 yellow onions
1-2 tsp curry powder
800ml fish stock
1 tin of mussels, about 125 g
approx 100g prawns 
a large handful of chopped dill or some chopped chives
150-200ml single cream

First off, semi defrost the fish.  Peel and slice the onions and fry them in a click of butter with the curry powder.  Meanwhile, chop the half-thawed fish into 2cm thick chunks.  Add these to the onions and pour over the stock.  Let everything simmer on a low heat until the fish has cooked, about 5 minutes.  Add the mussels, if using, and the prawns.  Finally, pour in the cream and let everything heat up gently before adding the fresh herbs.

There we go.  Serve with hot, buttered toast.  For an extra fishy hit, I even made some anchovy butter to put on my toast.  But I can understand if this isn’t for everyone!


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