A new leaf

My regular readers (both of you), may have noticed that this blog has taken on a new incarnation, one that I hope is a little bit more professional-looking.

This has been a very slow process, which has seen me agonising over different fonts, sizes, shades of purple, backgrounds and pictures.  It has taken absolutely ages and gone through several versions, but I am FINALLY much happier with the design.  Perhaps not 100% satisfied (very happy to hear suggestions), but certainly much happier. 

I would like to thank the fantastic Emily Kerr, who has kept me going throughout with her ideas and suggestions, helpful hints and pointers.  She really deserves a large portion of credit for encouragement and inspiration.  The photos in this post and the screenprints are all her’s. 

The casualty in all this designbrainwork has, unfortunately, been the frequency of posts.  There is a massive backlog, which I am slowly getting through.  Keep checking back!


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