Or… A way with green tomatoes
Instalment no. 1

Alright, so the title of this post is a little off, but what better to serve with green eggs and ham than….. green tomatoes!

My kind manager at work, Annabel, gave me a massive bag of these and I spent all of last week looking forward to the weekend so that I could experiment with them.

The first and most obvious choice was that Whistlestop Café favorite- fried green tomatoes.

After scouring the Internet and absorbing a few different ideas, I came up with a triple-dip method: flour, then beaten eggs, then seasoned polenta.

Fried in about a cm of hot hot hot (careful!) vegetable oil for a few minute on each side, until golden and crisp on the outside, warm and oozing on the inside.

With this I made an easy peasy dip of sour cream, chili, coriander, spring onions and lime zest and juice. Absolutely brilliant.

Fried Green Tomatoes with lime and chili sauce on a blustery Saturday afternoon

Moments later….


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