Maximizing return on investment

I had my friends Rory and Vicky round for dinner about a month ago and had a craving for this dish, which is an adaptation of one my mum used to make when I was younger. I think she’s forgotten all about it, which is fine because I can claim it as my own!

It’s ridiculously easy and can be accompanied by a wide variety of things. I paired it with tagliatelle with lots and lots of Parmesan and some tenderstem broccoli to make a big meal out of it but you could just as easily turn it into a lighter dish with a few leaves or perhaps some couscous? I think rocket would be particularly good here (again with lots of Parmesan). Definitely a maximum result for minimal effort dish.

You’ll need (sorry, no measurements here, very laissez-faire this time I’m afraid):

Chicken breasts (one per person, vary other ingredients accordingly)
Goats cheese (the soft kind)
olive oil
sundried tomatoes
black olives
salt and pepper

First off, mash some soft goats cheese with a teaspoon or two of olive oil, some chopped up sundried tomatoes, olives and a handful of torn up basil. Season to taste. Adjust ingredients to your liking.

Cut a slit into a chicken breast, with your knife at an angle,to make a pocket (see diagram- yes, a diagram), not quite butterflying but a bit like that, I suppose.

Stuff the chicken breast with the cheesy tomato mixture and secure it shut with toothpicks or brochettes or string- whatever you have to hand and find easiest. It doesn’t have to look pretty! Put onto a greased ovenproof dish and brush with some olive oil. Put into a preheated 200 degree oven. Leave for about 20 min but it will vary depending on your oven, so do check it after about 15 min.

The chicken should be juicy and the filling should be gooey and saucey. Scatter with some olives and basil. Any remaining filling can be used on bread, with pasta, veg or red meat. It’s versatility personified. Or poultrified, if you will.


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